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  1. 05/20/11

  2. 11/24/10


    There's some good stuff on the board right now; but I hate being the only one to comment on every thread. ;)

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    Check out my reply on the muslims problem with the Statue of Liberty. I may get banned for my response. If so I say to heck with

    Sorry for my French Bo.
  3. 11/04/10

    It's a BSN program. I'm about halfway done.

    I have a lot of friends because I used to be really active in maintaining my Yuku page (right after it switched from EZBoard about two years ago). I sent friend requests to folks whose posts I found interesting. I sent you a friend request. I'll check to see if you accepted it.

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    BO You bet I accept your offer of friendship. Looks like it's been about 3 weeks since I've been to ZC.
  4. 11/03/10

    School is tough, but rewarding. I'm doing a clinical rotation at the U of U hospital this semester. I'm trying to keep preparing and such when I can afford it. I'm not working right now, making things a little tough. I had a little time this week to try to catch up on the boards- not much activity.

    I'm going to try to write a few more essays this summer, finish my review of the SF medic manual and vet it for everyday Jow consumption (right now it appears you need to already be a paramedic or nurse to understand most of it.


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    Hey there Bo It was a surprise for me to see you in ZC. So what exactly are you going for...Paramedic? Nurse Practioner? I was surprised when I looked at your 'Friends Page' certainly have quite a few. I would be pleased to add you to my list and vice versa. Dan